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Hydropower & Biodiversity

Design · Development

Client: International Rivers

Project: To develop and implement a website that highlights International Rivers' work exploring the devastating impact large hydropower has on biodiversity, focusing on projects owned by two Chinese hydropower giants in advance of the 2021 Convention on Biological Diversity in Yunnan province, China.
The site features an interactive map and 12 unique case studies.


  • Fully mobile-responsive website with scrolling landing page and 12 individual case study pages 

  • Accompanying map imagery and iconography 



interative map.png

anchored menu for easy navigation

interactive map, blows up selected country/dam project, codes for company and impact categories, and links to case study page

ready to share content
when clicking social links

Landing Page

Case Study Examples

home page.png
case studies.png

Designed using EditorX

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