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I am a queer designer, facilitator, organizer, storyteller and visual thinker based in Durham, NC and with political roots in Oakland, CA. I have a background in restorative justice facilitation and trauma support. My design and consulting practice is deeply rooted in collaboration and anti-oppression practices and informed by community-based movements for social justice and liberation. I am also a collaborator with the fantastic team at LightBox Collaborative. In my free time, I enjoy outdoor adventuring, digging into new DIY projects, and snuggling up with a good book, my two cats, and my delightfully tiny dog. 


Read more about my political praxis below.

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As a white, working-class, queer, AFAB (assigned female at birth) organizer and designer, I center my commitments to justice, liberation, and disrupting structures of white supremacy and oppression within my personal and political work. I work with mission and vision-aligned organizations and aim to provide rates that are attentive to structural barriers that organizing projects face accessing design services.


As a designer with a background in trauma work, I utilize a trauma-informed lens. I work to ensure that my work remains representative of the diverse communities, movements, and organizations it illustrates. I am cautious and intentional of visualizations that can evoke trauma responses and strive to produce design that is accessible, emotive, and visionary.


Throughout the design process, I am committed to the integrity of both process and product. I believe in peoples’ rights to define their own experiences on their own terms and, when communicating (through writing or visuals) another person or community’s story, I have the obligation to ensure that those represented maintain agency over their own stories and experiences.


In all my work, I strive to hold contradictions and complexity, to show up with humility and integrity, and to create consistent space to share and receive feedback. I prioritize relationships and projects that challenge systems of oppression and build trusting and authentic collaborations.


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