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BAUDL'S Back To School Fundraiser

Messaging · Illustration · Design · Strategy

Client: Bay Area Urban Debate League

Project: Develop strategic plan, messaging copy, and visual assets for back-to-school fundraiser.


  • Strategic plan for fundraising campaign

  • Internal and external messaging and copy for outreach, website, email promotion, and social media

  • Illustrated visual assets (in formats for Facebook banner, Facebook post, Twitter, Instagram)

  • Branded donation page on existing organizational website (Flipcause)

BAUDL Back to School Fundraiser Instagram-04.png
BAUDL Back to School Fundraiser Instagram-01.png
BAUDL Back to School Fundraiser Instagram-03.png
BAUDL Back to School Fundraiser Instagram-02.png

Email Copy

It’s time for BAUDL’s Back to School Fundraiser! Fund the voices of our future and invest in Black, Brown and underserved youth.


Over the last year, young people’s lives and futures have been deeply impacted by COVID-19, disrupted education, wildfires, water scarcity, and the growing climate crisis.


Youth deserve to shape their futures.

Youth deserve for their voices to be heard.

With a gift today, you can make this possible.


As you know, BAUDL offers debate as a platform for Black and Brown urban students to explore and interrogate pressing global issues, to strengthen their voices, to pursue their dreams and to make a difference.


Last year, BAUDL students weighed in on national debates over policing and criminal justice reform. This year, they’ll zero in on water protection and conservation as a critical aspect of the climate crisis and fight for environmental justice.


Across the nation and in our own community, our youth experience the impacts of water injustice: elevated lead levels in the water of 70 Oakland schools; drought conditions escalating wildfires; and fires escalating displacement and the region’s housing affordability crisis. The lives of Bay Area youth are shaped by water.


Environmental conservation policy rarely includes the voices and experiences of Black and Brown communities, nor of youth.


At BAUDL, and with your help, we’re changing that.


With a gift to our Back to School Fundraiser, you are investing in Bay Area youth. Your gift will make BAUDL’s debate education possible across the Bay. You can make sure that young people know this: that they are worthy. That they deserve to be listened to. That they are—and will gain the tools to become—leaders in our communities.


After 1.5 years of disrupted education, our students need our support more than ever. To date, BAUDL has supported over 4,000 students, 90% students of color. Thanks to donors like you, our impact is growing every year.


We need you to invest in our youth with a gift to the Bay Area Urban Debate League.


There are many structural barriers that prevent urban youth from pursuing their dreams. Alongside rigorous debate education, BAUDL provides the day-to-day support our students need to access debate and greater opportunities. And, nearly 9 in every 10 debate students pursue college education and are better prepared than their peers.


Every young person deserves this leg up.


We can’t wait to reconnect with our returning students and introduce the stage to our new debaters. We don’t just believe in our students, we equip them with the tools to succeed. With your help, we can reach our goal of $50,000 for our Back to School Fundraiser!


  • $50 means we can buy pizza for a recruitment drive at a school

  • $100 means we can provide trophies for a middle school competition

  • $500 means we can provide busing for a school district to attend a tournament anywhere in the Bay Area

  • $1000 means we can cover airfare and hotel expenses to send a student to a competition at Harvard or Northwestern

  • $5000 means we can send a student to summer debate camp


Debate is more than an enrichment activity, it is an investment in our future.


Join us and invest in tomorrow’s civic leaders.


  1. Donate Now. Donate generously.

  2. Amplify our campaign on email and social media platforms with this toolkit.

  3. Connect with us and learn about how you can get more involved.


Click here to see if your company is providing corporate matching.


Fall means back-to-school fundraising! Fund the voices of our future & invest in Black/Brown/underserved youth. BAUDL’s debate education equips youth, 90% of color, with critical skills to transform our collective futures. Help us meet our goal of 50k!

As Bay Area students return to school during an unprecedented drought, BAUDL youth debaters are interrogating our most pressing global issues—this year, water conservation. Too often, Black & Brown voices are silenced. With your help, BAUDL is changing this.

We’ve raised xx, with xx to go! We believe youth deserve to shape their futures. We believe youth deserve for their voices to be heard. Donate to BAUDL's #BackToSchool fundraiser and be part of amplifying Black/Brown/underserved youth voices.

Across the US Black/Brown/underserved youth experience impacts of water injustice. This year BAUDL will tackle this issue & equip n youth with tools to take to the stage & be heard. Invest in #BlackExcellence. Help us raise our remaining xx.

Public Toolkit

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